Internet Exchange Technology, the China Telecom Alternative

Why deal with a monopolistic foreign Telco like China Telecom? We can help you get network connectivity for your China office or factory without any headaches.

Our advantages over China Telecom:

* One-stop shop for ordering.
* Flexible payment options, with payments accepted in Hong Kong, China, and the US
* MPLS options are available, for global connectivity to anywhere.
* Hong Kong route option for improved performance

NEW! Lease IPv4 IP blocks

Lease IPv4 blocks in sizes of /24 or greater from Internet Exchange Technology.  Costs are negotiable and vary. From $0.85 per month!


Visit our IPTV Video Page here


Why Choose Us

  • Local offices and Data Centers in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan enable us to offer 24x7 support in multiple languages.
  • Partnerships and good relationships with major China carriers increase our connectivity map.
  • The best post-sales support in the industry.
  • Other network-related services such as voice, PBX wiring, LAN and desktop support are available through our partners and outsourcing department.
  • Colocation at One Wilshire in Los Angeles, the carrier-hub of the US West Coast.